Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your facilities located?
Lockbox Storage has two locations, both in Lynchburg, VA: Lockbox Storage 1 at 120 West Edge Way and Lockbox Storage 2 at 1201 Perrowville Road. They’re approximately 6 miles apart.

What times are your facilities open for access?
Both of our compounds are open 24 hours a day. That way, you can come whenever you like—even at short notice.

Which areas do you serve?
Across our two facilities, we serve businesses and homes throughout Lynchburg, Forest, New London, Bedford, Timberlake, and Goode.

Are your facilities manned?
Yes, our onsite staff are always happy to help or give advice, so come and say hello.

What security features do you have?
Our compounds are kept safe by our vigilant onsite staff and state-of-the-art surveillance cameras.

How To Lease with Lockbox Storage
1. Have a Bluetooth enabled smart phone.
  • Lockbox utilizes smart locks to secure our storage units.
2. Go to to select and lease a storage unit that suits your needs.
3. Download the noke smart entry storage application to your smart phone.
  • The app will be sent to your smart phone automatically within a few minutes of leasing a storage unit.
4. Follow the instructions outlined by the smart entry app.
  • The 6-digit code needed to enter the app can be found in the original smart entry text.
  • Enable Bluetooth and location when requested by the app.
5. Open the front gate with your phone via the smart entry app.
6. Find your leased unit.
  • All temperature-controlled units are located inside, accessible via doors with glass windows.
7. Open your leased unit via the smart entry app.
  • Wake up the smart lock by pressing the white plastic square on the silver locking mechanism until it turns red.
  • Then select the unit you wish to open via the smart entry app on your smart phone.
  • When the (now red) plastic window turns green slide the lock arm of the smart lock to the left to open your unit.
8. Enjoy your newly leased Lockbox space.
  • Cancel your month-to-month automatically renewing Lockbox lease agreement anytime by going to to manage your account (Please cancel 10 days before rent due date).

Is climate control available?
That’s right. Climate-controlled storage units are available at Lockbox Storage. They keep your stored belongings both dry and cool, no matter the weather outside.

Do you have dollies or handcarts?
We do. Feel free to help yourself when visiting either of our locations. They make short work of even the biggest and heaviest belongings.

How to Move out in 3 Easy Steps:
1. Give us a call, email, or stop by in-person at least 10 days
prior to move out to let us know your intent to move.

2. Fully clear out your unit, making sure that it is BROOM
SWEPT clean of any debris.

3. Stop by during business hours to have a rep check your unit.


If moving out outside our normal business hours, leave your unit
door closed, but UNLOCKED.